The Redpath Murders

Very interesting story about one of Canada’s famous unsolved mysteries.
Four ways to murder

On the evening of the infamous murder, loved ones say the athletic and easygoing Clifford Redpath came home to his family’s Victorian mansion in Montreal, looking tired, perhaps stressed, from studying for his bar exams.
The 24-year-old went upstairs to see his rich, widowed mother, Ada Maria Mills Redpath, who spent much of her time confined to her bedroom due to ill health.
At about 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 13, 1901, Clifford’s older brother, Peter, heard gunshots and found Ada and Clifford sprawled on the floor, bleeding from bullet wounds in their heads.
Their deaths stunned the community, as the Redpaths were among the richest families in Canada and respected philanthropists and industrialists.
But the police were never called, the Redpaths did not speak of it and nearly a century later, the murder is still, in the words of one historian, shrouded by a “veil of suspicion that emerged at the time and continues to the present.”

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