Tommy Lukiwski is a sorry bastard

Everyone’s favourite anoymous, left-leaning KW snark rants on about Tommy Lukiwski. For those on vacation over the past month, Lukiwski’s the guy in the videotapes spewing hateful remarks about gays.
Canadian Cynic: Lukiwski, He’s A Sorry Bastard

Golly gosh, is he ever sorry that the video came to light. He’s incredibly, deeply sorry that people have discovered what he thinks in this troubling and graphic manner. Tommy is shaken to the quick to have his constituents and all of Canada learn the root basis for his suggestion in 2005 that equal marriage would lead to “polygamy and social decline”.
And Tommy would give just anything to take back the evidence of his spiteful, cretinous attitude. That’s why he has decided to step down from his position as Parliamentary Secretary to Government House Leader Peter Van Payday Loan… what’s that? Oh. He hasn’t stepped down. Okay, well, he won’t give that. Then, that’s why he has accepted the Prime Minister’s decision to strip him of his position and consign him to the back benches… sorry, what? Oh. Neither the Prime Minister, the party nor the government are going to discipline l’il Tommy.

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