What a mess in here…

Whoa, this place is a mess. Looks like someone left the window open, and hasn’t been around for ages. There are all these half-realized ideas just tossed in a corner, and look at that stack of unposted images — I mean jeez, couldn’t someone have put them up on the wall or something? Now they’re all torn, and yellowing at the corners. No one will want to look at them now.
Give me a little while to get things cleaned up in here. There are cobwebs and junk everywhere. Looks like someone’s been spending too much time next door, and not enough time actually working.
Personally, I blame the weather. Once the snow melts, and things begin to dry out, there should be a little more traffic in here.
Interestingly, this post is a good analogy of things not going on in my studio. As soon as the weather gets good again, I’ll be in there, sweeping up, and working on some more art. Maybe even get my bike down off the ceiling.

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