Woman, 77, guilty of murder

It was a strange case of murder most convoluted. Like something straight out of a bad film noir. It was even nicknamed the “Black Widow” murders.
Woman, 77, guilty of murder – San Jose Mercury News

Helen Golay, who was convicted of murder, and Olga Rutterschmidt, found guilty on the conspiracy charge, were accused of plucking Kenneth McDavid and Paul Vados off the streets, fraudulently gaining millions in insurance coverage, putting them up in apartments for two years until insurance companies’ legal deadline to contest the fraud expired, and then having them run over in dark alleys.

So complicated a scheme that police didn’t even link the two deaths until:

The Los Angeles Police Department concluded the deaths were connected after McDavid’s death when two investigators bumped into each other, compared notes and realized the same pair of odd women had claimed the bodies.

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