Seven Reasons to Become a Polygamistâ..s Wife

Poking fun at the raid in Texas on the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Seven Reasons Why Iâ..m Becoming a Polygamistâ..s Wife

3. Nightly Orgies
Iâ..m always down for some sexy-time. In the FLDS, I can get it on with multiple people at the same time. Iâ always wanted to participate in an orgyâ..screw just a three-way, Iâ..ll be having a ninety-nine way. There will be so many unique orifices for me to stimulate and be stimulated in. True, Iâ..ll have to wait my turn, but after a certain age, it will be a good thing. Married people are always bitching about having to beat cheeks with their husbands anyways. After a certain point, I just wonâ..t have to anymore; my husband will trade me in for a younger version. Then, Iâ..ll be able to fulfill my lesbian fantasies with my co-wives.

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