Stuck in Detroit

I’m currently waiting for a plane in Detroit airport. I was supposed to be home yesterday, but a 5 minute technical problem and a 15 minute weather delay kept us from landing on time, so we missed our connecting flight.
I had attended a conference in Chicago, and was only supposed to be gone overnight. Apparently, a weather delay doesn’t get you a free hotel coupon, but a minor technical problem does (though, it doesn’t get you a meal coupon). The airport staff were very pleasantly surprised at my agreeable attitude, and confided in me that they *usually* have to call security in these situations. The process was actually quite streamlined and the hotel check-in was as simple as exchanging my coupon for a room key.
In any case, I got a good night’s sleep, courtesy of NorthWest, and I can now get some duty free liquor. So, it’s not such a bad situation.