5 Minor TV Characters who Hijacked the Show

And the shows were never the same afterwards. In some cases, this vastly improved the show. But not often.
mental_floss Blog – 5 Minor TV Characters who Hijacked the Show

One year after â..Love and the Happy Daysâ. aired, Ron Howard starred in the blockbuster film American Graffiti, which solidified his ability to play a retro-teenager. Howard had previously played â..Opieâ. on The Andy Griffith Show, and with his recent film triumph under his belt, it was clear that he was the intended star of Happy Days. But the producers were caught by surprise when Fonzie, portrayed by Henry Winkler, who was only an occasional character during the first season started getting a substantial amount of press. Suddenly â..Ayyyyâ. was on everyoneâ..s lips and you couldnâ..t walk past a storefront without seeing some sort of Fonz replica giving the olâ.. thumbs up.

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