Flykkiller EP

Very cool moody, videogame-style techno withunstoppable beats. Sounds like a remix of Metroid Gameboy soundtrack. And it’s Creative Commons licensed.

FlyKKiller is the second collective project of musical collaborators Stephen Hilton and Pati Yang. Separately they have been at the forefront of avant-garde electro music, both bringing a wealth of experience into a band that in such a short time have already been seized upon as pioneers of the genre.
For their new project, the cannily titled FlyKKiller, the pair set about recording a studio album with (as legend would have it) an extraterrestrial called V; which when you hear the outcome of these sessions you can understand where such claims might come from. The gallant and incessant beats that have become the backdrop to Yangâ..s howling, stirringly poignant and harmonic vocal were, again as the myth insists, recorded by V who created these cubes (whilst in captivity in the FlyKKiller Institute in Poland) as a vessel in which to pass on her peaceful communications to us earthlings. However the otherworldly sci-fi cubes have been seized from her by her captors at The FlyKKiller Institute, and sold to fund their scientific research. Additional information is being presented via download and physical formats.

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