The Canadian DMCA: A Betrayal

Michael Geist tells us why we should be mad at Industry Minister Jim Prentice right now.
Michael Geist – The Canadian DMCA: A Betrayal

So why is it a betrayal?
Because in a country whose Supreme Court of Canada has emphasized the importance of balance between creators rights and user rights, the Canadian DMCA eviscerates user rights in the digital environment by virtually eliminating fair dealing. Under this bill, the right to copy for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, and news reporting virtually disappears if the underlying content is digitally locked.
Because in a country that rightly promotes the importance of education, the Canadian DMCA erects new barriers for teachers, students, and schools at every level who now face the prospect of infringement claims if they want to teach using digital media.
Because in a country that prioritizes privacy, the Canadian DMCA will render it virtually impossible to protect against the invasion of privacy by digital media companies. The bill includes an exemption for those that circumvent digital locks to protect their privacy, yet renders the tools needed to circumvent illegal. In other words, the bill gives Canadians the right to protect their privacy but prohibits the tools needed to do so.

There’s much more. Write to your MP, the Industry Minister, the Canadian Heritage Minister, and the Prime Minister.
Go to for sample letters.

Check out Online Rights Canada’s new action alert, “Tell MPs What’s Wrong with the Prentice Bill”:
Here’s what their website says about it:
“After months of hesitation, Industry Minister Jim Prentice has finally revealed his re-write of Canada’s rules of copyright. Tell your MP just what you think of it.”
2817 people have already taken action. Add your voice today!

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