The Next 25 Years of Video Games

A look at the technology of the future, as it pertains to gaming … and the eventual enslavement of the human race. Not like that hasn’t happened already.
The Next 25 Years of Video Games |

What Will Suck About It
People are dicks.
Check your inbox. How many of your emails are from friends, as opposed to spammers? How many of your female MySpace-friend requests are dummy pages set up for porn?
Spore and PS3 Home are still made up of people and therefore a certain percentage of those wondrous new universes will be composed of dicks. At some point you will travel to a wondrous new Spore world and find the creatures there have evolved to have hides covered in porn URLs.
As for PS3 Home, do you think Sony is pouring tens of millions into development so you and your little friends have a place to hang out? No, they’re creating one of the greatest targeted-marketing opportunities in the history of advertising. How long until busty virtual girls are chatting you up, then interrupting flirty conversations to say they’ll need 20 bucks to continue?

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