Atheists and their toast

What, they didn’t find anything? Not even butter?
Last week I found nooks and crannies in my English muffin.
Cynical-C Blog – Atheist Finds Nothing in His Toast

One Response to “Atheists and their toast

  • clvrmnky
    16 years ago

    Except that atheists are still humans! Therefore, since their human brains are subject to the same pattern matching tendencies as non-atheist human brains, we should expect them to see /other/ sorts of patterns.
    So, instead of crypto-christian iconography showing up in their toast, we should see images of favourite uncles, cats, sports team logos, toasters, corporate brands, rock albums, abstract paintings, mandalas…
    Just because someone self-identifies as atheist doesn’t mean their brains stop functioning!
    This is actually a similar argument made against atheism. Specifically, that somehow atheists do not have the moral tools to distinguish between right and wrong. It’s the mistaken notion that the opposite of belief is… nothing.