‘Bigfoot’ body turns out to be a hoax

Yeah, not even a little surprised by this. Notice how I haven’t even mentioned this? Because it’s not news.
Why am I mentioning it now? Because there’s an awesome video of a frozen Bigfoot costume encased in a block of ice. And it’s sticking its tongue out at all the Bigfoot researchers.
Now that’s news. When even a costume is mocking you, maybe you should get out of the business.
BBC NEWS | Americas | American ‘Bigfoot’ is monkey suit

Steve Kulls – of squatchdetective.com – observed the thawing and said that as the ice melted, the exposed head was found to be “unusually hollow in one small section”.
As the process continued the feet were exposed – and were found to be made of rubber.

He actually bought the block of ice from the two hoaxers. I wonder if he got his money back.