Get some extra legs

I’d like to think it’s a big gag, but it seems to be coming from, so maybe it’s just a poor design idea. The idea? Extra legs which fit over your arms. So you can run faster. On four legs.
Revolutionary Four-Legged Running Invention!

Locomotive Energy (G)maximiser – a hydraulic leg which fits over the arms and is controlled with a nano-sprint cushioned control unit, is set to rock the world of running, walking and everything in between, says Eric Svensson, CEO of Byxor & Strunt. “The LEG unit will join the thumb , the wheel and cheese as one of the most important breakthroughs in human capacity and creativity. Not only will the LEG break all speed records for human self transportation, it will also reduce our reliance on the motor vehicle, thus contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions.”
“With two legs one can achieve speeds of up to 15 mph or, in the case of a top athelete like Michael Johnson, 23mph, using around 200 steps per minute. With four legs we can expect to almost double that speed. Of course the technique is quite complex and not yet perfected so it will take time to get up to those levels but at least popping to the shops for milk will now be relatively rapid.”

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