The Motorcycle Blogs

After a gruelling weekend of sunburns and heatstroke, I am now the proud owner of an M2 license. R and I signed up for a course at Conestoga College and we both made it out without setting fire to any of the college motorcycles. My tests went flawlessly, until the final one, where I earned 3 demerit points for not staying inside the lines during a “braking while in a tight curve” test.
But that’s neither here nor there. Water under the bridge. I now have an M2 and am legally allowed to drive a motorcycle or scooter. Now to find something suitable to ride. I’m still debating on getting a full-fledged motorcycle or a really powerful scooter. After the training this past weekend and the 14-16 hours of sitting on a motorcycle in the hot sun, I’m actually less inclined to get a scooter, if only because they tend to lack power and range. And friends with motorcycles will make fun of me.
But we’ll have to see. No sense going off to buy something I won’t use or enjoy.

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