Watchmen movie in danger

… thanks to 20th Century Fox’s lawsuit against Warner Bros. They allegedly own the rights to distribution of any Watchmen films.
Nikki Finkeâ..s Deadline Hollywood Daily – SAVE US! Warnerâ..s â..Watchmenâ.. In Legal Peril After Judge Wonâ..t Dismiss Fox Suit

Warner Bros officially gave the usual “it is our companyâ..s policy not to comment on pending litigation” statement, but added, “The Courtâ..s ruling simply means that the parties will engage in discovery and proceed with the litigation. The judge did not opine at all on the merits, other than to conclude that Fox satisfied the pleading requirements. We respectfully disagree with Fox’s position and do not believe they have any rights in and to this project.” But, privately, Warner Bros execs are decrying to me what they say is Fox’s “opportunistic claim,” noting that “Fox sat on its so-called rights for years while other studios in town developed this property. In fact, Paramount greenlit the movie for production and Fox never said a word! Fox even had an opportunity to re-acquire the project at some point and it passed on it!”
2oth Century Fox made this statement: “Warner Brothers’ production and anticipated release of The Watchmen motion picture violates Twentieth Century Fox’s long-standing motion picture rights in The Watchmen property. We will be asking the Court to enforce Fox’s copyright interests in The Watchmen and enjoin the release of the Warner Brothers film and any related Watchmen media that violate our copyright interests in that property.”

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