â..Don Quixoteâ.. to be resurrected

This is very cool news, indeed. After watching Lost in La Mancha back in 2002, I was sure that the world was conspiring against Gilliam making this film.
Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp To Resurrect â..Don Quixoteâ..

During the year 2000, Terry Gilliam started filming The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, starring Johnny Depp. However, a spate of accidents and mishaps forced the movie to be abandoned, and the project has been dead ever since. However, rumours of a revival have surfaced recently, rumours that have now been confirmed by Gilliam himself.
He told The Independent:
    â..As far as weâ..re concerned, itâ..s on. When Johnnyâ..s ready, weâ..re ready. Weâ..re just talking about dates to film. Basically it all depends on his schedule but otherwise weâ..re set. It will be next year some time, before next summer anyway.â.
Gilliam has recently won legal rights to the script, but despite this, he is planning on rewriting the whole thing from scratch.
    â..Weâ..re going to completely reshoot it. The intervening years have taught me that I can actually write a much better film. Iâ..m so excited itâ..s going to get done at last.â.

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