Everyone hates Spore’s DRM

… and have been making it known via reviews on Amazon.com.

If you take a look at Spore’s listing on Amazon.com, you may be surprised to notice that the game (as of this writing) has an abysmal user rating of one-and-a-half stars. But that isn’t necessarily an indictment of the game’s quality — out of 184 customer reviews, 159 are one-star ratings, and just about all of them have one thing in common: pure, vile hatred of the game’s digital rights management, or DRM (via Destructoid).

The DRM protection limits the game to only 3 activations per serial number, requiring people like me, who have to reinstall their OS a couple of times a year, to call EA and beg for another serial. Worse still, this was a relaxing of their previous protection scheme:

And believe it or not, this backlash comes after EA and Maxis made Spore’s DRM less stringent, when fans decried the originally announced plan to require online authentication every 10 days.

Amazon Users Savage ‘Spore”s DRM – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

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