An Unnecessary American Carol

A low-budget right-wing pro-war comedy? Wow, sounds like what I’ve been looking for in a film. No wait, what’s the opposite of that?
It’s really bad when Variety (the industry trade magazine) pans your movie. These are the guys who should be pandering to film makers because without a film industry, there’s no film industry press.
You know it’s especially bad when they suggest you go watch Team America. I think this is a good suggestion, despite Parker and Stone’s right-leaning politics.
An American Carol Review – Read Variety’s Analysis Of The Movie An American Carol

Poorly made indie production has a script that feels like a list of ripostes collected over the last several years to liberal criticisms of the U.S.: The whole enterprise feels far more agenda- than entertainment-driven. Talkradio and grassroots marketing have been trying to rally the B.O. troops, but the picâ..s opening-weekend take of $3.8 million shows that the target audience is more likely to check this out when it takes over Wal-Mart shelves. Those with a real craving for hilariously potent anti-left propaganda will have to go back for another toke of â..Team America: World Police.â.

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