Palin beats McCain in debate

This is kind of chilling. Do Americans really want Palin as their next president? Because if McCain is elected, this is likely what will happen. And then we’re really doomed.
Op-Ed Columnist – Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain –

[T]he debateâ..s most telling passage arrived when Biden welled up in recounting his days as a single father after his first wife and one of his children were killed in a car crash. Palinâ..s perky response â.. she immediately started selling McCain as a â..consummate maverickâ. again â.. was as emotionally disconnected as Michael Dukakisâ..s notoriously cerebral answer to the hypothetical 1988 debate question about his wife being â..raped and murdered.â. If, as some feel, Obama is cool, Palin is ice cold. She didnâ..t even acknowledge Bidenâ..s devastating personal history.
After the debate, Republicans who had been bailing on Palin rushed back to the fold. They know her relentless ambition is the only hope for saving a ticket headed by a warrior who is out of juice and out of ideas. So what if she is preposterously unprepared to run the country in the midst of its greatest economic crisis in 70 years? She looks and sounds like a winner.

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