Brolin to play Jonah Hex?

Sure. Sounds great. I can totally see Brolin as Hex.
But if I see one giant mechanical spider, there will be blood.
Hex for Josh Brolin? (Thatâ..s Jonah Hex)

Earlier today, Hollywood Elsewhere posted news that Josh Brolin was in talks to play Jonah Hex in an adaptation of the DC Comic. Tonight, Variety reports that itâ..s close to a done deal.
Jonah Hex is a gunslinger and â..part-time bounty hunter.â. Heâ..s notable for his disfigured face and partiality for Confederate uniforms. Hex first appeared in the 1970s in the All-Star Westerns series before winning a solo gig. The character has been through several relaunches, most recently in 2005. Crank writers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor wrote the script and are directing.

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