Google creates their own beer goggles

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This new concept is supposed to prevent people from drunk emailing by asking skill testing questions.
The next phase of the operation is to ask impossible questions when the person tries to email virus warnings, prayers, or right-wing vitriol to their relatives.
Today @ PC World Google Goggles: No More Inebriated E-Mailing

Mail Goggles works with simple math. Once you set it up, it’ll require you to answer a series of math problems before being able to send a message. By default, the program activates on Friday and Saturday nights, though you can customize it for any day or time you might need a watchful eye. You can also set the difficulty level to control how hard the problems will be (1 = a wine cooler with dinner; 10 = eight Jagermeister shots and an indeterminable number of rum-based chasers).