McCain palling around with terrorists 4

Well, a “terrorist” as radical as Bill Ayers: David Ifshin, who denounced America on Radio Hanoi as McCain sat locked up as a POW. David Ifshin, who never renounced nor apologized for his youthful, radical past. David Ifshin, who — just like Ayers — moved into the American political mainstream.
Marc Cooper: McCain’s Own 60’s Radical Pal

As recently as two years ago, speaking at Columbia College, McCain affectionately and warmly recalled his relationship with Ifshin saying:
“We worked together in an organization dedicated to promoting human rights in the country where he and I had once come for different reasons. I came to admire him for his generosity, his passion for his ideals, for the largeness of his heart, and I realized he had not been my enemy, but my countryman . . . my countryman …and later my friend. His friendship honored me. We disagreed over much. Our politics were often opposed, and we argued those disagreements. But we worked together for our shared ideals.”

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