McCain palling around with terrorists 5, 6, 7, 8

Here’s a whole bunch to consider.
Pensito Review – McCain Attended Fundraiser for Domestic Terrorist
…what about McCainâ..s fellow board members in the â..80s?
What about fellow board member, Anthony Bouscaren — a veteran of the Pioneer Fund, a eugenics group researching white superiority? Or fellow board member, Jay Parker, a registered foreign agent for the apartheid government of South Africa in the late ’70s?
And if board co-membership is so toxic, what about McCainâ..s list of endorsements today, including Leonore Annenberg, widow of philanthropist Walter Annenberg, who created the project on which both Ayers and Obama served?
… McCain attended a fund-raiser for the Oregon Citizens’ Alliance. He can’t claim he wasnâ..t warned going in 30 protestors picketed him for endorsing the anti-gay group.
Prior to McCain’s appearance there, a Republican senator, a colleague of his, Mark Hatfield, warned Senator McCain not to do it. McCain’s own staffers called it “The invitation from hell,” the Oregonian newspaper reported. An Arizona newspaper column previewed the speech with this headline, quote, “Hate Group Finds Friend in McCain.”
And yet, McCain went, sat silently, offered no rebuke during or after the remarks of this woman, Marilyn Shannon, who praised a local woman who had just shot a doctor less than two weeks earlier. A doctor who was a former Navy flight surgeon, a sonogram pioneer, was shot in both arms because he performed legal abortions.

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