Origins of the “Cougar”

Oh great, so it’s a Canadian term. I guess that makes about as much sense as anything.
COED Magazine – Origins Of The Cougar

A little trivia for you: The origins of the term â..cougarâ. dates back to the 1980â..s when members of the Vancouver Canucks used it in the locker room as a derogatory name for the teamâ..s older groupies. But the concept has been around much longer.
Hot, tight-bodied older women have always fueled younger menâ..s sexual fantasies since our fathers were our age. (Just watch 1967â..s The Graduate to see Dustin Hoffman seduced by pop-cultureâ..s first cougar.) But now that every â..The Viewâ.-watching wildcat is lusting after boy-toy ass, a new breed of sexed-up older ladies is upon us – and no man is safe.

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