Paul’s Falernum #8

A decent falernum recipe for when you absolutely need to make a cocktail with falernum and can’t find any falernum.
What is falernum? OK, let’s back up a bit. Falernum’s a Caribbean rum-based liqueur/syrup used in several tiki cocktails. According to CocktailDB, to simulate its flavour, mix orgeat syrup with vanilla. allspice, clove, ginger, Angostura bitters & lime juice.
What’s oregeat syrup? Let’s backup a little more. It’s a sweet almond syrup used in tiki drinks and Italian sodas. The Mai Tai uses it.
The Cocktail Chronicles – Falernum #8

Is it the be-all and end-all of falernums? Of course not â.. rather, itâ..s an easy and cheap way to make a fairly obscure flavoring thatâ..s essential in a class of exotic drinks. As it uses fresh ingredients, it has (to my palate) a better aroma and snappier flavor than the commercial brands Iâ tried. Of course, this freshness also limits its shelf life, so make small batches â.. this recipe may easily be halved â.. keep it refrigerated and use it within a month or so. Either chuck the old falernum or, better yet, just have a big swizzle party before your batch expires.

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