Record Label â..Infringesâ.. Own Copyright

Great, so ISPs are now pro-actively pulling down content. Maybe learn a little about how copyright works before doing this kind of thing.
Record Label â..Infringesâ.. Own Copyright, Site Pulled | TorrentFreak

Quote Unquote Records is an Internet based record label, run by Bomb the Music Industry! and â..The Arrogant Sons of Bitchesâ.. frontman Jeff Rosenstock. A forward looking outfit, all artists on the label give their music away for free on the labelâ..s website. Well, they would, if the webhost hadnâ..t have taken down the site for alleged copyright infringement.
Around a week ago, the label was notified by its webhost that it had some copyright music files on its server, which was no surprise to them since they were tracks by Arrogant Sons of Bitches, one of the labelâ..s bands. The tracks the webhost referred to were actually written by Jeff himself. Jeff spoke with someone at the host on the telephone, explained that they were his own tracks and was informed this wasnâ..t a problem.