I know the way to San Jose

I’m alive and in San Jose for ISPCON again. The flight down was unremarkable, except that now Air Canada doesn’t even give you peanuts or any small snacks for free. And they tend to run out of everything else before they get to you, if you’re seated any farther back than row 25. Luckily, soft drinks and coffee is still free.
The entertainment system was one of those touch screens, connected to a server which could stream a variety of movies, TV shows, and ads directly to your seat. I settled for The Incredible Hulk and the new X-Files movie. Both were kind of disappointing. Hulk was pretty much the exact same film as was done by Ang Lee a few years back, so I wasn’t quite sure why it was even made. I mean, can we try to come up with a plot line that doesn’t involve a showdown between the Hulk and some other Hulk-esque monster? The X-Files film was even more disappointing, since it was essentially the same as a really, really long X-Files episode that you’d already seen. The only thing I came away from it with was that God apparently exists, and likes to see young boys tortured with illness or molested by priests, and then rewards repentant priests with the gift of vision for finding decapitated women. Oh yeah, and Russians are into some weird Frankenstein shit.
San Jose is chilly — about 12 degrees, and cloudy. Kind of how Kitchener was last week. Hopefully it will warm up enough to make people jealous of my trip. No, it’s not snowing here, but if the temp drops enough, it just might.
The plan this week is to finish up at the conference and then head back into San Francisco for the weekend, to visit my brother’s family, and my new niece. I’m at the Hotel Kabuki again. It’s going to be fairly awesome being back in Japantown.
Plans include going to a tiki bar (hopefully Trader Vics), and getting some decent sushi.