Another post about being in Barbados

It’s X-mas, and there’s been nothing to do today, aside from sitting on the beach and playing in the ocean. It’s just starting to rain a little, but that means we’re in for a downpour in the next couple of minutes; that’s the way it seems to be around here, little line squalls herald a much larger rainstorm. It’ll then dry up and, if there’s any daylight left, the sun will come out and dry up most of it. It’s 29C and windy.
We rented a car earlier this week, and got to see most of the island, mainly because we kept getting lost. Be sure to rent a very small car unless you like to be a little claustrophobic on the narrow, occasionally half-paved streets. Renting a car and getting around the island really helps you get to know the place, much more than walking around or getting a taxi to all the touristy spots.
Speaking of touristy, I would actually suggest against taking the Mount Gay rum distillery tour, and just watching the Futurama episode where they visit the Slurm factory. With only a few noticeable differences, they are about the same.
I would put in a good word for the Shasa catamaran tours. Very professional, very cool catamaran, and everyone seemed to know what they were doing. Also, free drinks, and we got to look at sea turtles up close (and maybe accidentally kick one in the face — I’m really, really sorry about that).