1976 inteview with Brando

From the Time Magazine archives.
The Private World of Marlon Brando – TIME

“My first impulse,” Brando later admitted, “was to run like hell and disappear into the bush. My second was to turn you upside down and plant you, head first, like a coconut tree.” Janos spent two days with Brando on the island and escaped without being planted. His report:
Beyond the sand bar, where we had walked the skiff over the shoals at the end of a languorous afternoon, the wind freshened suddenly ahead of a curtain of rain. The usually placid tropical lagoon hurled water into the skiff. The three of us were drenched. Willie, a local fisherman, grinned at the adventure. Our hulking captain frowned, grabbed a bucket and handed one to me. Brando read my fear. “Don’t worry,” he shouted. “When the rain hits, it will flatten the sea… the weight of the rain water.” Our boat sped into the wall of rain; the sea flattened, and a few minutes later we beached the boat on the white sands of a small, S-shaped islandâ..Brando’s bird sanctuary.

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