Canada’s conservatives: a study in stupid

Strong words from Diane Francis.
Canada’s conservatives: study in stupid – Diane Francis

What is wrong with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his henchmen?
I know Stephen and like him even though he has always been too doctrinaire and cold-blooded for politics. But now we know just how unsuitable he is. He has concocted a crisis that is taking away attention from dealing properly with the worldwide crisis that’s about to hit Canada like a hurricane in the new year. He should leave office and the sooner the better. But he won’t. Instead he will meet with the Governor-General to try and convince her to dissolve parliament until the New Year.
Hereâ..s my question:
All the blah-blah aside, the essence of this nonsense is why would Harper ever dream that the other three parties would vote in favor of his triple-suicide bill designed to kill off publicly-funded campaign allocations? Were the Tories inhaling in caucus? Or was Harper just in touch with his Grinch? Or is he an Anglo-Saxon Machiavelli?

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