Harper’s options in the face of current events

Interesting set of options for Harper, with pros and cons. I give you #1 and #10.
globeandmail.com: Andrew Steele – Harper’s Options

1. Preemptively Remove Michaëlle Jean
This is the true nuclear option for Harper: a preemptive strike against Jean to remove her from office, and replace her with a governor-general sympathetic to the argument that the people should decide in an election.

So, the Governor-General has the authority to dismiss the Prime Minister BUT the Prime Minister may have the authority to dismiss the Governor-General first by requesting the Queen dismiss her.

To call this option risky is a grave understatement. Not only would it threaten the role of the monarchy in Canada, but parliamentary supremacy back to the Magna Carta would be called into question.
10. Step Down as Conservative Leader
Little binds the three opposition parties together.
There is a joint programme, but the real glue of this coalition is a unanimous belief on the opposition bench that Stephen Harper must go.
Were Harper to resign as Conservative Party Leader and an interim leader like Chuck Strahl, Jim Prentice or Tony Clement lead the Conservatives, it is entirely possible the coalition would fall apart and that person might be able to receive the confidence of the House.
It is clearly not in the political interest of the Liberals to form common cause with the Bloc or the NDP.
Their motivation is the belief that Stephen Harper must no longer be Prime Minister.
Such a move might avert political catastrophe for the Conservatives and for the Liberals.

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