Newbie troll gets ass handed to them on Metafilter

An obviously right-wing troll who knows nothing about Canadian legislature gets their comeuppance when they posted the following editorialized entry on the current political situation.
Canada the victim of power-grabbing politicians. | MetaFilter

Canada the victim of power-grabbing politicians.
December 2, 2008 12:31 PM
Canada is going through a bloodless coup less than two months after its last election. The world-wide financial crisis has proved too tempting a target for the three parties that didn’t win the election and they have decided to overthrow the Conservative minority government based on the latest financial report. This hasn’t been done in Canada since World War I.

Not only is it a perfectly legal procedure, a non-confidence vote has been done many times, and a coalition government was attempted in 1985 with Trudeau and Broadbent. It’s also been done at the provincial level, and unofficial coalitions are practically commonplace in Canada. Sort of like when you’re playing RISK.
What’s probably not legal is trying to prorogue the legislature just because you’re likely to lose a non-confidence vote. What makes you a douchebag is when you try to do this when you condemned it only 4 years earlier.

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