Creepy moustache rides

If the Japanese toupeé simulator pictures weren’t creepy enough, Schick has taken the uncanny valley to new depths with their moustache simulator. It also has a 3D option, but is less smart than the Japanese site, and requires you to help it out by manually adjusting the face to their simulator. And, once everything is calibrated, the simulator is actually pretty crappy, and comes up with an even scarier representation of your face, with some pretty weird moustache styles (I mean, does anyone really want a Salvador Dali moustache, even as a joke?).
Here are some of the creepy images I came up with. Maybe it’s my creepy, lifeless, anime-sized eyes, or the odd angles at which my shape-changing face keeps turning, but it really reinforces the notion that I would not look good in a moustache. Not even a little bit.
Also, they call it “manscaping”, which sounds a little gay. Which also explains some of the moustache choices.

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