Background publishing in Movable Type

So, say you’re getting a constant error in your daily cron messages when trying to do background publishing in Movable Type. You know, you’re trying to run the run-periodic-tasks script to take care of background tasks by setting up a cron job, either daily, or six times an hour. Now you’re getting messages that look like this:
Can’t locate MT/ in @INC (@INC contains: …
This website has some good examples on how to fix this (hint: you don’t have to modify @INC, you can simply modify your run-periodic-tasks file).
Getting background publishing to work in MT 4.1 â..

The problem is that ‘..lib’;. It’s simply pointing to the wrong place in the MT file structure, which is weird, given that it’s their app and all, but whatev. So what you need to do is point the script to using the absolute filepath, and all will be well.

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