Our poor server

I’m sitting at home, cup of coffee in hand, working on a Sunday. I’ve recently been having problems (a lot of them) with one of our servers. Three big problems, really…
There was a programming glitch, which set about 90% of our licenses to expire on the first of January, a bone-headed move which neither I, nor anyone else realized would cause big problems on New Year’s Eve. So, with 2 hours sleep, and a wicked headache, I worked feverishly to restore licenses to most of my customers, hopefully without them even noticing. Many of them noticed.
Within 2 days of the first event, we had one of our domain names expire. This was not my fault, as our domain names are now maintained by another department — a department, which, when questioned, said that all domains were properly re-registered. Cool. Not my fault, except that in order to resolve the aforementioned server, one needed this particular domain. So, now with about two dozen or so customers trying to relicense their systems, and no access to my server, more bad things happened. After the other department admitted that they had not, in fact, re-registered the domain, it fell back on us to get it registered using someone’s personal credit card.
Now, a week later, this same server’s gone dark. I’m attempting a remote reboot of it, but I’m not overly optimistic about it.

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