Grande Verona

Grande Verona – Uploaded by Zuckervati.

Stopped in at Starbucks this morning for a coffee and maybe some coffee pods (or whatever it is they call them). I bought a single serving drip coffee maker on Saturday for work, but initial tests weren’t promising; using the supplied permanent filter caused coffee to spill over into both the cup and the reservoir, and using a loose tea bag wasn’t any better — the tea bag floated, allowing the water to spill around it, making a watery cup of hot water.

My thinking is that a properly-fitted coffee pod will not float, and will not let water or grounds spill out into other parts of the mechanism.

Update: Bought some Maxwell House filter packs. If you fold them in half, they fit just fine in the machine, and produce a nice strong cup of coffee. No mess either. I also bought some #1 coffee filters for when the packs run out and I need to switch to another coffee source.

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