An ‘Alien’ Remake? No, No, NO

Agreed. No, no, NO! Definitely no! Stop remaking things!

While a sequel would be one thing, there’s now talk of a remake of the original! Which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, especially while there’s still a chance for a new sequel. But according to Bloody Disgusting, 20th Century Fox is eyeing up the original Alien for a remake/reboot.
Some remakes and reboots make sense. The originals were a long time ago, or special effects have finally caught up with the concept. As the new Star Trek shows, some series just need a new way of looking at things or a new director to take it in a new direction.
But Alien doesn’t fit into any of those categories. The original still stands up to scrutiny, the special effects are good, the cast and crew are fantastic. So why the remake/reboot? Because Fox knows there’s money to be made from it. Why create a new IP from scratch when there is one sitting in the back catalog just begging to be taken out and used again?