Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo – First Official Trailer

The guys over at Topless Robot were commenting on how Disney seems to be sabotaging Miyazaki’s new film, Ponyo, by releasing the DVD months before its North American theatre opening. It may be true, it’s probably true. But the TR guys suggest this is because Ponyo looks too weird for U.S. audiences, and Disney knows it.

I’d tell you not to bother seeing it in the theater, except that Disney is already doing a fine job of that, since they’ll be releasing the DVD of Ponyo a month before the film premieres in the U.S. Making the theatrical release utterly irrelevant. Which is fine in the sense that Ponyo is clearly fucking insane in the way that is whimsical and somehow reasonable to mass Japanese audiences, but kind of terrifying to mass U.S. audiences.

Maybe. Does this look kind of weird/scary/trippy for U.S. audiences?

That’s nothing. Check this out. Now this is seriously fucked-up weird:

Go rent it. It’s called Paprika, by Satoshi Kon, the guy who did “Tokyo Godfathers”, and “Perfect Blue”. This is a film that’ll mess you right up.

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