Songs No Dude Should Have On His iPod

Fair enough. I’ve got a couple of songs from this list. Only a couple.

  • Anything where Garth Brooks sings about mentally challenged people
  • Anything by Aerosmtih post 1990, especially “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
  • Anything from the Beaches soundtrack
  • Anything by Kelly Clarkson
  • Any song by Will Smith that shares its title with a Will Smith movie
  • Anything by Lady Gaga
  • Anything by 98 Degrees
  • Anything by Macy Gray
  • Any non-solo Timberlake
  • “Big Girls Don’t Cry” or “Clumsy” by Fergie
  • Anything by Sugar Ray post-1997

The Definitive List Of Songs No Dude Should Have On Their iPod |

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