82.3 billion in assets owned by socialist U.S. government

As this shocking graph indicates…

Via Conor Clarke at The Atlantic, we get a visual on what dreaded state of encroaching socialism in the United States looks like after government intervention in American industry…

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

2 Responses to “82.3 billion in assets owned by socialist U.S. government

  • You know, nationalization is not the only part of Socialism/Communism. One needs to learn to know.

  • Yeah, whatever… To paraphrase famous libertarian, Penn Gillette, being an American citizen is like being in a club. You pay your dues, in the form of taxes, and you get certain membership benefits, such as access to health care, access to club-owned land, club grants, unemployment benefits, retirement funds, and protection from other rival clubs.
    You also get a say in who’s in charge by means of a vote in your national elections, as well as votes in state and local elections.
    This system has been in place for a very long time now. If you know your history, you should appreciate the fact that you’ve been a “socialist” pretty much all this time.
    In any case, I’m from Canada. We have only recently started to privatize much of our “Crown corporations” and “Crown-owned land”. We understand the concept of nationalization and socialization even better than in the U.S.