One on One with Kevin Conroy

HoboTrashcan interviews Kevin Conroy (voice of Batman from the Warner Bros. animated series). Interesting stuff, including a discussion of Christian Bale’s voice in the Batman movies.

Speaking of Batman voices, Christian Bale has obviously taken a bit of flack for his growling Batman voice, which was a bit too gruff and different. How would you rate his performance?
He’s a wonderful actor. He’s a terrific, terrific actor and he really captures the Batman character. I love those films. They come the closest to me to capturing the magic of the animated show. I think that Batman, since it is an animated show, it is a cartoon, that’s the genre that it belongs in. It’s very hard to do live action of any animated show, so I think a lot of the Batman [films] have seemed kind of odd to me. And that one, the Christian Bale one, is the closest to capturing that magic of the Bob Kane and the Dark Knight series and that stuff.
On the other hand, I think that someone should have stopped him from doing that voice that he was doing when he had the cowl on. It just sounds so forced.

One on One with Kevin Conroy | HoboTrashcan

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