5 Reasons No One Is Guestposting At Your (My) Blog

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Well, obviously, I’ve not been looking for guest posters. But apparently, it’s a thing you can do to get more content and more readers. Interesting concept. At least I’d feel like I was talking to someone besides myself.

Ask any pro blogger and he will tell you that the more content you have on your blog – the more traffic you get. That’s mainly because each post you publish gets indexed by Google and starts getting search traffic since then.

So the more – the better, right? You can publish a new post daily or maybe even two, but this way you’ll quickly get tired and probably run out of ideas. That is why it’s so sweet when people contribute their own posts to your blog!.. Hey what’s the matter? No one is offering you a guestpost? I think I know why! 

5 Childish Reasons No One Is Guestposting At Your Blog | BloggerJET

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