Blogging re-enabled!

Now that I’ve fixed the PostOffice plugin for Movable Type, I can once again show you the whirlwind that is my life.
Seriously though, it looks like the problem was threefold:
– the Movable Type OS platform is outdated and no longer being maintained, and the PostOffice plugin doesn’t even show up in the configuration GUI, making me delve into the badly-formatted MySQL table to make any changes.
– my BB10 device doesn’t handle plaintext email anymore, forcing me to use something called K9email, which can be found on BlackBerry World. It’s fine.
– my ‘from’ account was Lavabit, and that’s been shut down by the owner as a result of the Edward Snowden whistle-blower case. In order to correct the configuration, I had to dig around in MySQL data. Seems fine now. I’ll try to do more updates, now that everything’s back in working order.

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