Welcome to Black Mesa

I was looking at getting a Black Mesa coffee mug from ThinkGeek: … when I stumbled across this awesome trailer for a Half-Life 2 mod. Get to revisit the Black Mesa research facility from the first Half-Life. YouTube – Black Mesa Official Trailer

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Plan 9 Teaser Trailer

Ed Wood had a dream … of a race of giant atomic super men. Unfortunately, his dreams never translated well to the silver screen. For him, the screen was more of a pewter colour. Finally, though, it appears someone has tried to make something a little closer to his actual dream, except without transvestites and […]

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Coolest PC in the World

The world of personal computing is driven by meeting quarterly numbers and satisfying the street. Moore.s Law drives expectations for performance. The size of personal devices is determined by display sizes . notebook, tablet, PDA and some would like the watch. This a nice neat package of how computing can be expressed. Right?


At ITU Telecom World we got a sample of another view by NEC. It is based on the pen and called P-ISM. This concept is so radical that we went to Tokyo to learn more.

The design concept uses five different pens to make a computer. One pen is a CPU, another a camera, one creates a virtual keyboard, another projects the visual output and thus the display and another a communicator (a phone). All five pens can rest in a holding block which recharges the batteries and holds the mass storage. Each pen communicates wireless, possibly Bluetooth.


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