Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3

Honestly, I don’t think he got them all. https://youtu.be/GrDwtLl1p0A  

ICP is about to transform into a Christian cult.

Insane Clown Possee’s new syrupy video paves the way for their transformation to an X-tian cult. The Posse is about...

Like ‘Kick-Ass,’ but lame

I don’t know which surprises me less: that a geek put on a real cosplay show and fancies himself a...

Titanic 2

Oh, the hubris! When will we learn? https://youtu.be/f720MNvOeVc Cynical-C | Titanic 2

What’s the Harm?

Homeopathy, like many “natural medicines,” can kill. In homeopathy’s case, it’s when it’s substituted for actual needed medicine. Japan may...

Comparing MLK to Glenn Beck

Using this handy temporal flowchart. Comparing MLK to Glenn Beck

How Canadians drink beer

This is absolutely true. We all do this. YouTube – newfie drinkin

I’m Voting Tea Party

Nuts to those Canadian socialists! I’m Voting Tea Party brand t-shirts by Jeremy Kalgreen

The IT Crowd (Unaired US Pilot)

Holy shit. It’s like Moss went through a wormhole and came out in some unfunny bizzaro world.

M. Night Shyamalan finally made a comedy

Oh, the pain. Recently, at an Asian fusion restaurant, I was offered a thing called an Asiadilla. This was a...