I’m Voting Tea Party

Nuts to those Canadian socialists!


I’m Voting Tea Party brand t-shirts by Jeremy Kalgreen

2 Responses to “I’m Voting Tea Party

  • I’m tired of people bashing tea parties. The attendees are not doing anything at all that is wrong. Their view is no more invalid than those who do not attend. This is America for goodness sakes. Let people view the views and let the best view win.

  • It’s not about tea parties, per se. I love those little cucumber finger-sandwiches you can get at most of them.
    No, the bashing is totally appropriate if we’re talking about the far right, Libertarian, freedom-of-religion-as-long-as-it’s-Christianity, anti-teachers, anti-firemen, anti-intellectual, anti-soldier, racist, sexist, birther, teabagging, pro-Wall Street, and generally crazy people Tea Party that’s just a fringe arm of the GOP.
    But thanks for the comment!