Fundamentalist Survey

I was checking out some of my old sites (some might call them ghost sites), and I came across this little tid-bit of information. Makes you think about how crazy Americans are…
"According to a Dutch survey about secularization and religion in 1991 there are in the Netherlands 8 percent Christian fundamentalists, defined as people with the opinion that the Bible is the word of God and has to be understood literally, word by word. This is in a population of which 55 percent believe in God.
" The Netherlands have, together with Great Britain, New Zealand and East Germany, only a small amount of fundamentalists. Great Britain has 7 percent fundamentalists and 69 percent of the population believes in God. West-Germany has 67 percent believers and 13 percent fundamentalists. In Norway these numbers are 59 and 11 percent respectively.
"All these numbers are much lower than in the USA, where 95 percent of the people believe in God and 34 percent are fundamentalists (Becker and Vink, 1994). The number of people that believes God created man in one single creation act, within the last 10,000 years, is 47 percent according to a Gallup poll in the same year (Numbers, 1992)."
Do these results shock you? Are you offended? Put your faith to the test and see what the Belief-O-Matic says…

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