What a day. Where to start? First my car almost breaks down in a Tim Horton’s drive-thru lineup during morning rush hour, then my alternator needed replacing, my co-worker’s computer crashed…. and er, that whole World Trade Center thing…
I really don’t want to come off sounding cold and uncaring, but the only thing that really surprised me about it was that it took so long to happen. Here was an ingenious and horrible act of terrorism, and the Americans were caught completely off guard. This was bound to happen with the US making so many enemies overseas, declaring war on tiny rogue nations, and bombing the shit out of everything.
Think about it. This was actually an episode of the Lone Gunmen from back in January. Didn’t seem so far-fetched then, did it? Sure they were using computers to control the plane instead of smuggling in a knife, but the premise is the same.
There are out there hundreds of science fiction films and television shows based on the premise that the US has been ruined through one giant act of terrorism, or through an act of war. This image is so familiar to us, that we expect it when watching a giant Hollywood blockbuster.
If anyone thinks my words are in bad taste, I would redirect your attention to the following image:
This is some seriously fucked up shit right here. An entertainment site showing the harsh juxtaposition of the terrifying image of America’s darkest hour with the sugary, upbeat layout and stories of the world of entertainment. No apologies, no somber mood, just the usual from the Hollywood media.
In any case, it’s not going to make it any easier to get into or out of the US. I wonder what’s going to happen next. Are we going to see problems getting oil into the country? Locked-up boarders? Retaliation? Against whom? I never thought the End Times would happen quite this way.

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