Bunker: Day 3

Day three. I’ve found it difficult to get around without thinking or inadvertently referring to the Trade Center disaster. Everyone is consumed by the event, and no one can speak of anything else. Some can’t do any work this week — I have to admit, I’ve been slacking off more than usual. I’d like to think that I wasn’t affected by it, but that’s not true. It has affected everyone.
I don’t know anyone who died in the disaster, and I’ve never been to New York or Washington. If it weren’t for the media coverage, it would be no different for me than any other world event, like the hundreds of thousands of people killed in Africa due to ethnic cleansing, or those killed in the former Yugoslavia during the civil unrest.
My brother called tonight to say that he’s OK, but that he’s worried about how the WTCD will affect him. He’s a Canadian living in San Francisco, and his girlfriend works for the Australian government. Hopefully the U.S. will take it easy and not overreact, but I really wish G. W. Bush wasn’t in charge.

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