Clubbing with Jane Goodall

Last night was my first time in a night club in a couple of years. What a weird scene… I went with a bunch of friends, and we watched young drunk horny university students in action. Initially I felt like a chaperone, but the feeling wore off after a while, and I only felt like Jane Goodall with a bunch of chimps. And loud dance music with heart-rending bass.
Apparently the "in" thing these days for young women is to get it on with your girlfriends so that you can turn on as many boys as you can. Then you can pick and choose your ride home. I’m dead serious here. It was sad and funny all at once.
After a while, my eardrums gave out, and I couldn’t hear the music anymore — so we left the place with plans to return sometime in the future (with earplugs). It was like discovering a new form of reality TV show: "Survivors of Murdered Grooves in Temptation Nightclub X".

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